Suppress Appetite with Flavored Vapor for Weight Loss

vapor appetite suppressant In the weight loss category you can find various drugs marketed as appetite suppressants. Their goal is to make the consumer feel full.

These products generally are offered as tablets or extended-release capsules. Appetite suppressants are either purchased over the counter or can be obtained through prescriptions.

The new generation of products to suppress appetite is vapor inhalers. Such vapor sticks allow you to inhale water vapor with flavors and active appetite suppressing ingredients such as Hoodia.
Some vapor products allow you to inhale vapor without drugs but they offer many flavors to satisfy your cravings for sweets or other food. These zero calorie products come in flavors such as apple, blueberry, caramel, chocolate, strawberry, etc.

Appetite controlling vapor is produced by a battery operated device. The vapor device consists of a battery, a heating element (vaporizer), and a cartridge. The cartridge is the mouth piece and contains the flavor and ingredient (i.e. Hoodia).

When you inhale through the device the heating element vaporizes the solution stored in the cartridge. All you exhale is water vapor.

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